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Walking for health benefits just got easier to track: UMass Amherst researchers create simple guidelines to measure walking intensity – Science Daily

In an ongoing study exploring walking for health across the adult lifespan, University of Massachusetts Amherst kinesiology researchers found that walking cadence is a reliable measure of exercise intensity and set simple steps-per-minute guidelines for moderate and vigorous intensity. Catrine Tudor-Locke, professor of kinesiology, and postdoctoral researchers Elroy Aguiar and Scott Ducharme concluded that for… Read More »

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Chinese city bans dog walking in daylight hours

Pet owners in Wenshan will no longer be able to take their dogs out for a walk between the hours of 7am and 10pm, and they can’t take them to parks, shopping centres, sports facilities and other public spaces. The order appears to go much further than regulations in other parts of China. Many provinces… Read More »

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