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Medical News Today: ‘Wasabi receptor’ may advance treatments for chronic pain

Scorpion toxin targets the “wasabi receptor,” a specific receptor in nerve cells that helps humans react to wasabi, cigarette smoke, and environmental pollutants. According to new research, the toxin’s unusual mechanism of action means that it could help scientists learn more about chronic pain. New research furthers scientists’ understanding of chronic pain. Researchers from the… Read More »

How A Little Pharmacy Shop In Tennessee That Touted Its Great Milkshakes Became State’s Largest Opioid Purchaser – Kaiser Health News

The Nashville Tennessean dives into the story of the Reeves-Sain shop in Murfreesboro, Tenn., where DEA data shows that even if the company supplied every single nursing home and hospice patient in the Southern U.S., the pharmacy would have outnumbered patients with opioid pills by about 13 to 1. Other news on the opioid crisis… Read More »