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Kamala Harris defends varying healthcare answers: There’s a ‘their’ there

Kamala Harris claims she misunderstood the question Thursday when she seemingly re-endorsed the idea of forcing Americans off their private insurance in favor of a government option. “So, the question was would you be willing to give up your private insurance,” the California senator said Friday in an interview with CBS News, reiterating, “That is… Read More »

Despite big security risks, healthcare leaders say they’re sure of their preparedness

Healthcare executives and IT leaders are overconfident regarding data privacy management, according to a new report from vendor Integris Software. Its study of 258 business executives and IT decision makers found 70 percent of healthcare leaders were “very” or “extremely confident” in knowing exactly where sensitive data resides, less than half update their inventory of… Read More »

Black premature babies face racial disparities in healthcare, study says

Adobe Stock Images Black preemies face higher chances that they will receive poor prenatal care than white, Asian-American and Hispanic babies, and this is partially due to the quality of their parents’ healthcare as well as segregation, according to a JAMA Pediatrics study released last week. The study looked at black newborn babies born prematurely… Read More »