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A Shortage Of End-Of-Life Doctors Is Coming

Doctor in white uniform examining sick woman with cancer in the health center Getty A declining number of physicians specialized in palliative care looms and won’t recover for 25 years without major U.S. health policy changes, new research in the June issue of Health Affairs shows. Research led by Dr. Arif Kamal at Duke University… Read More »

Harry Potter ‘Wizard’ brunch, dinner theater coming to NYC

Grab your wands, Potter fans: It’s time for brunch … and dinner. Two days of immersive, magical meals are heading to New York Aug. 17 and 18, when they’ll transform Manhattan’s Pier 60 into a replica of Hogwarts’ Great Hall. Expect potions, fortune-tellers and lots and lots of costumed wannabe wizards, who’ll be sorting themselves… Read More »

Courts say anti-abortion 'heartbeat bills' are unconstitutional. So why do they keep coming?

But just as often as they are introduced, these bills get stymied. They are held up in committees, rejected in legislative votes, vetoed by governors and struck down in courts. Not one state has managed to put a heartbeat bill into lasting practice. In the past few weeks alone, lawmakers in Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi,… Read More »