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Hans Christian Gram: The biologist who helped investigate bacteria

Biologist Hans Christian Gram devised one of the most important staining techniques used in microbiology to identify bacteria under a microscope Health 13 September 2019 By Lilian Anekwe Hans Christian Gram, the pioneering biologist who devised the Gram staining technique for investigating bacteria under the microscopeAlamy Hans Christian Gram, the inventor of the Gram staining… Read More »

Medical News Today: How do cancer-causing bacteria take over our stomachs?

A new study in mice uses cutting-edge imaging techniques to investigate how H. pylori, which are present in around half of the humans on earth, survive and thrive in the stomach. How do H. pylori (pictured above) colonize humans so successfully? Gut bacteria are one of the hottest topics in medical science today. As scientists… Read More »